The country blessed by the Mother Nature is the land of sky heading Himalayas and the abode of the ever enlightened lord Gautam Buddha. Nepal truly is the divine gift of the Nature, conquering the world's highest Himalayas, varieties of biodiversity and the smooth land, and plateaus. The whistling rivers flow from the frozen Himalayan laps  from the north to the pleasant plateaus to the south of the country. Nepal is enriched with the varieties of the biodiversity, crystal clean lakes, white snow capped mountains and hills vegetated with the pine forest as well as the colorful Rhododendron forest. Nepal is the unique sanctuary for all the floras and faunas including various wildlife found at various wild habitat.
Nepal for an adventure lover can be a stairway to heaven where one can entertain oneself in the lap of nature without having a
Hot Features
  • Everest Region
    This region is the region of the Mahalangur Himalayan Range where lies Mt. Everest (The World’s Highest Mountain). n this region the mountain
  • Hot Features

  • Other Off Beaten
    Here in Nepal there are lot of trekking areas which are considered as the best trekking routes in the whole world. The trek such
  • Annapurna Region
    The Annapurna region is the most well known trekking region of Nepal. This Region Provides the unparalleled access to the spectacular
  • The Langtang Region
    The Langtang region offers a multitude  of the trekking destinations. This region offers splendid varieties of the Natural and Cultural 
Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most popular tourism activities. Having some of the most spectacular, exciting and breathtaking routes for trekking in the country,
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Tour In Nepal

offers the numerous spots which reflect the Natural, Cultural and Historical aspects that keep the country alive as The Living Museum.Nepal is the mystical country that satisfies every needs and inner wants of an individual to see and seek the Nature
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Photography and Filming in Nepal

Nepal the country rich in Natural Beauty and White snowed Himalayas is well known as the land of the highest peak (Mt. Everest), the birth place of Lord Buddha, land of brave Gorkhas and the living cultural museum of the World.
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Adventure packages in Nepal
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Culture reconciliation in Japan
  Furusato activity at Japan: Furusato Himalayan Travel joined cul
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