Photography and Filming in Nepal
Nepal the country rich in Natural Beauty and White snowed Himalayas is well known as the land of the highest peak (Mt. Everest), the birth place of Lord Buddha, land of brave Gorkhas and the living cultural museum of the World. This is the ultimate destination for every traveler around the world. Nepal is well recognized for all the beauty it possesses within its territory. Nepal is also known as the Switzerland of Asia. It is very beautiful with its snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, gushing rivers, rare variety of flora and fauna, countless temples and stupas. But at the same time it is a country where culture and traditions intermingle with each other. Photography and filming can be one of the prime activity that no any traveler wants to miss here in Nepal. For such activities Nepal is one of the best destination rather than anywhere else. The breath taking sceneries, the culture and varieties of diversities are waiting to be captured on the camera and film of the traveler.Nepal has numerous spots where one can be able to capture the images and films from every possible angle.