Nepal is a land locked country situated between the two massive powered countries China in the north and India in the East, West and the South.
Total Area


1, 47,181 sq. Kms




26 ̊ 12' to 30 ̊ 27' North Latitude and 80 ̊ 04' to 8 ̊ 12' East Longitudes.


Geographical Divisions


The Himalayan Region - The Home of Majestic Snow Capped Himalayas.
The Hill Region - The Home of the Capital city of Nepal, The Collection of 3 Historic cities and The Land of the Monuments.
The Terai Region - The bread basket of Nepal.
Lowest point ranging the 70m above sea level to the world's highest summit Mt. Everest (8848).


National Language




Religion Followed


Hindu (80.6%), Buddhist (10.7%), Islam (4.2%), Mundhum (3.6%), Christian(0.5%), Other (0.4%)




Approix. 28, 56,377 (as per the recent census)




Winter (Dec-Feb), Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August),
Autumn (September-November).




Length 885kms from East to West and the breadth varies from 145 kms - 241 kms from the North to the South.