Nepal in the past was divided in to small principalities for the centuries ago. The Kirats ruled the East of Nepal, the Lichhavi's ruled the Kathmandu valley while  the Gurungs and the magars ruled the mid west. The kirats ruled over 300 B.C. and during their reign King Asoka visited Lumbini and built the Asokan pillar in the memory of the lord buddha. Later the Lichhavi's who were believed to be the Newars followed the kirats. During their reign the arts and the articrafts flourished to the greater height.With the end of the lichhavi's dynasty the Malla's came in to the Power around 1200 B.C. the Malla's also contributed a lot for flourishing the arts and articrafts .Laster during 18th century King Prithvi Narayan Shah from Gorkha conquerred the Kathmandu valley and United the whole kingdom in to the single kingdom Nepal. And around mid-19th century Jung Bahadur Rana became the first prime minister to use the absolute power in the country .Also, Later, Rana's were also over thrown in the Democracy Movement in the early 1950's.