Do's and Don'ts
Tourist from the meaning it is clear that they are the people,  are naturally from the different society, culture, different geographical location, different religions and different ethnic background. These people are not familiar with the customs and traditions followed here in Nepal. Whenever they enter to our society they may find many more things that are unfamiliar and unacceptable.  Their way to act certain thing can differ from Nepalese.  So, while travelling to Nepal especially the tourist should know some of the do’s and don’ts of Nepal which may help the tourist to be familiar with the Nepalese.   The customs and traditions here in Nepal is very deep.  Some of these cultures are far more interesting, some are strange and some are beyond the logic of the tourist. It will be more easy if the tourist’s show their respect honor and sensitivity to the local culture.  In Nepal the respect to the culture is the key factor to earn respect among the Nepali people.

Some of the briefly introduced activities are mentioned below for the tourist to follow while travelling in Nepal are:


 “Namaste” is the common way of greeting every individual here in Nepal by joining palms together like in Prayer.


The well dress code here in Nepal is important for both Men and Women.  It is advised to wear socially accepted dress.


Do not show off your Prosperity and also do not display the large sum of money in public.  Carry only that you are expected to use.  Do not leave your bags and belongings in the crowd. Be watchful.


Bargaining is almost universal here in Nepal. Bargain keeping the monetary value in mind.  Also prices of some of the items such as food are fixed so, sometimes bargaining seems inappropriate.

Begging and Dealing With Children

Do not encourage begging in Nepal by giving up sum of money to the beggars and children.  Instead you can donate to the schools, monasteries and Hospitals.


Before eating, it is in Nepali culture that one should wash hands. Nepali people do not prefer spoons and forks while having their meal. This practice could be unacceptable for the tourist but you are not to act it negatively. While eating do not offer anything from your plate if you have taken a bite. Nepali people think that the food is contaminated for others. Also, while drinking water be sure that the water container does not touches your lips.


Do not enter any Temples and Monasteries without permission. Take off your shoes if you are allowed to enter the temple or someone else’s house.  Leather shoes, belts, jackets are prohibited in some of the religious places. Take off.

Taking Photos

While taking photos be sure that you are allowed to take the picture of it or ask for permission.

Arts and Antiques

Be aware that it is illegal to buy and export the things that are older than hundred years.

Other Concerns

   a.    Try and help to keep the environment clean and tidy by throwing the garbage
          material to proper place.
   b.    Try to respect culture and traditions of the people.
   c.    Do not frown the Nepali society by hugging, cuddling in public areas.
   d.    While trekking though tourist often like to relax in the hot springs and swim in rivers
          it is advised that you are not to  be exposed.
   e.    Be aware of touts and frauds.
   f.    Do not involve in any illegal activities that increases crime in the society.
   g.    You can provide the tips but be sure that tips for the person are just for the good
          work by the people.
   h.    During your trek it is advised to trek with others or in group.