The country blessed by the Mother Nature is the land of sky heading Himalayas and the abode of the ever enlightened lord Gautam Buddha. Nepal truly is the divine gift of the Nature, conquering the world's highest Himalayas, varieties of biodiversity and the smooth land, and plateaus. The whistling rivers flow from the frozen Himalayan laps  from the north to the pleasant plateaus to the south of the country. Nepal is enriched with the varieties of the biodiversity, crystal clean lakes, white snow capped mountains and hills vegetated with the pine forest as well as the colorful Rhododendron forest. Nepal is the unique sanctuary for all the floras and faunas including various wildlife found at various wild habitat.
Nepal for an adventure lover can be a stairway to heaven where one can entertain oneself in the lap of nature without having a single time for a single glimpse of an eye. The cool shade of the Majestic Magnificent Mountains, beautiful terraced farmlands, rushing Glacial rivers, waterfalls, stunning gorges and valleys including the evergreen vegetation are the hypnotizing environment wholly created by the god himself. One can find the enchantment everywhere here in Nepal. Nepal has been the epitome of the artistic sketch created by the god in leisure.
The world's Highest peak Mt. Everest (8848m) erects in front of the world boasting for its uneraseable beauty  and the breathe taking height.The whole huge family of the Himalayas extending from the east to the west of the country covering its best altitude is still on the way to be conquered by the best nature lovers throughout the world. Nepal is overall filled with the bone chilling adventure environment  for the travelers and trekkers. With respect to these factors , this country Nepal can be the best spot for the perfect holiday destination for all the tourist , trekkers, mountaineers, honeymooners and also for the people interested for the research and expedition.