Hiking in Nepal
Nepal, the country situated in the lap of Himalayas, has over 1300 peaks between 5500m and 8848m above sea level. The hills of Nepal are popular for hiking. Thus, it makes Nepal a paradise for peak hikers. The absolute joy of standing at the highest points on the earth is unimaginable. And that is what hiking in Nepal is all about. Hiking in Nepal offers us the spectacular views of the mountains and the deep valleys, as well as a chance to become acquainted with the Nepali people's lifestyle, their art, architecture and cultural traditions.

Nepal is the home to world's highest and most beautiful mountains and some of the best trekking trails on the earth. Mt Everest, 8848 m and eight out of world's ten highest mountains are in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal Himalaya, especially Everest and Annapurna treks are world class trekking holidays of great reward. We offer you a number of trekking tours throughout Nepal, tailored to your time ,interest and ability . If you wish to combine your Nepal trek with other adventures or cultural activities , you may choose a trip from our Nepal holiday packages listed below .